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It’s been a long time since I’ve written a “happiness” post. So here’s what has brought me “happiness” (however superficial) this week.

I’ve been working on my home gym, and I’d like to share two links that home gym enthusiasts should appreciate.

I’m casting pearls here!

FLOOR: A good gym floor (like what you would see at a good gym – duh) is made of rubber. Rubber protects your equipment and your joints. Most home gyms are in garages or basements, and people usually just work on the concrete or a rug. I’ve played around with home gyms for twenty years, and the easiest and cheapest flooring solution that I’ve found is from an industry that isn’t even related to gyms! Horse stall mats from Tractor Supply co. are 4′ by 6′, 3/4″ thick. They’re heavy (about 100 lb.), so they stay put, and you can trim them with a jigsaw or a utility knife. They only cost about $40 each, which is a fraction of what rubber flooring tiles would cost that are made specifically for gyms. Its low price allows you to spend a little more on good equipment… such as a power rack.

POWER RACK: I just bought my second power rack, and chose one from Rogue Fitness. I’ve found Rouge to be the best equipment for gyms, period. I have some background in metal fabrication, so trust me when I tell you these things are tough! If you want to be a serious athlete, don’t buy the stuff from [big box store]; get something that will last you a long time.

Now go, work out, and be happy!

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Popular Fundamentalist Proofs for a Self-Authenticating Canon Actually Support Catholic Inspiration and Authority

Scott Shifferd jr.Fundamentalist preacher Scott Shifferd jr. insists that the Christian canon of Scripture is self-authenticating. He’s obviously a smart dude (left: exhibit A).

Shifferd thinks I “struggle” with this topic and that I’m a “son of Satan” because I acknowledge the fact that human beings were intrinsically involved with the Bible’s formation, and he set out to prove that I’m stooopid by sending me Fundamentalism’s often-used list of verses that, in their own minds, prove how the Bible established the Bible’s contents. (I know. That makes no sense.)

The following essay is a response to what I’ve found to be Fundamentalism’s favorite proof-texts for their theory of a self-authenticating Christian canon. My essay is addressed to “Bible-only” Christians (not only Shifferd and others in his sect). If you are in dialogue with Fundamentalists, this might be a worthwhile read for you. Continue reading

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The Berean/Catholic Model Is More Noble Than the Thessalonian/Protestant Model

This is a re-post. I recently learned that apologist superstar Dr. Bryan Cross linked to one of my [unfortunately] deleted articles over at his holy grail of apologetics websites Called to Communion. This, to me, is just about the best endorsement of my work that I can imagine. In comment #69 Dr. Cross grouped my article with articles by apologist superstars Steve Ray and Jimmy Akin! Thank you, Bryan!

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OK. Fine. You Got It. I’m Keeping This Blog.

Why not!

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