One Reason Protestant Church of Christ-ers Don’t Love Mary

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 3.43.11 AM.pngProtestant Church of Christ-ers,

I explained in my last essay about Marriage and sex how Luther infects Protestant Church of Christ theology in regards to its confusion about Marriage, but even though Luther undeniably had a love for Mary, his lingering influence and theology of utter depravity overpowers your group’s view of her. Luther’s “snow-covered dung heap”—his understanding of a wretched human nature and its never-achievable goal of holiness—has formed your group’s understanding of, as many of you describe her, simply a good woman. Continue reading

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The Next Few Weeks…

widpicOver the next few weeks I will post several essays/answers about Mary! And then after that, I will have a HUGE announcement! Thanks to all of you (both!) who help me with Patreon, and thanks for all of you who have helped this apostolate in other ways over the years as well. (I know who you are!)

Merry Christmas!

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You Totally Want This!

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If you’re in any way familiar with how the Protestant world treats the ancient Faith, then you’re most likely amused every time a Protestant accuses Catholics of following TRADITIONS OF MEN. This is your chance to turn their nonsense on themselves!

SHARE THE FUN! Become a Patron (of any amount), help me feed a needy mouth, and I’ll send you your own “Anti-Catholicism is a tradition of men” sticker!

Thank you!

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Marriage and Sex, Part 8. A Foundational Protestant Assumption

widpicMany Fundamentalists enjoy two of Christianity’s seven sacraments of grace: Baptism and Matrimony. Those who are baptized are part of the Christian Church, though not in full communion with her; and Catholicism affectionately recognizes their status as brothers and sisters in Christ. Their Marriages are real, too; legitimate priests are not needed to officiate their unions because it is the groom and bride who officiate the sacrament, but a valid Marriage is performed before a minister.

This post, though, is not intended to work as a celebration for the many wonderful commonalities between Catholicism and Fundamentalism; it has been a response to indicative Fundamentalist attacks on Catholic Marriage, and it is intended to provide both Catholics and Protestants a better understanding of the Church’s biblical understanding of Marriage and sex. But to better understand Fundamentalism’s approach to the subject, I believe a final note about an undergirding Protestant assumption helps establish where Fundamentalism is, so to speak, coming from. Continue reading

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Marriage and Sex, Part 7. “Annulment Is Divorce”

widpicThere is one last popular attack that Rudd, to his credit, did not repeat in his essay: Fundamentalism’s allegation that “annulment is divorce.” I suspect Rudd knows his own sect is actually quite diverse on issues of divorce, and any accusation towards the Catholic Church brings attention to his own sect’s quiet acceptance of divorce and multiple “marriages”. However, there are many voices within his sect that indicatively represent the common Fundamentalist charge. Continue reading

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Marriage and Sex, Part 6. “Scandal”

widpicMost of this blog is about principles and nuanced theology; its subjects require some reasoned attention to determine the merits of the Protestant Church of Christ’s attack on Catholic theology. The subject of scandal, however, is not theological; nor does it require a persuasive, gentle tone to convince people of good will the Catholic Church is not the end-times monster; facts influence reasonable people. And so I will address people I more understand: those who accept objective facts and integrate those facts into their religion. And the acceptance of such facts are what separates Protestants from anti-Catholics; non-Catholic Christians from bigots. Continue reading

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Marriage and Sex, Part 5. Celibacy Is “Satanic Doctrine”

widpicRudd’s fourth argument for the Catholic Church’s “flawed, incomplete, and destructive” understanding of Marriage is titled, “Prohibition against church leaders marrying is a satanic doctrine” [sic]. Rudd continues:

IV. Prohibition against church leaders marrying is a satanic doctrine: [sic] Continue reading

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