The Church of Christ and Baptism

The Church of Christ and Baptism is an invitation for Restoration Christians to understand the Catholic Church’s scriptural, historical, and reasonable position concerning proper modes and eligibility for Baptism. Vandapool writes to whet the appetites of Restorationist truth-seekers, to show that if the Catholic Church is right on this one important subject, then she might be right on other subjects as well.
•Does the word “baptize” mandate a specific mode?
•Does the Greek word “baptizo” mean only “immersion”?
•Do ancient Greek texts support the Church of Christ’s interpretation?
•Was every baptism in the New Testament performed by full-submersion?
•Did the early Church believe in immersion-only baptisms?
•How are infants brought into the New Covenant?
•How can a faithless baby be properly baptized?
These and other questions are answered in this book. Vandapool explains the errors of the Church of Christ’s best arguments for immersion-only baptisms, shows how the Catholic Church’s understanding for various modes is biblically substantiated, and explains how the Bible allows for Christians to bring their children to Jesus though the waters of Baptism
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