EASTER: Christians Celebrate, Haters Salivate

Last Easter, J. Randal Matheny, a writer for the popular Protestant Church of Christ website Fellowshiproom.org posted an anti-Catholic “Christian poem” (as it is tagged). Lovely. The poem is an indicative reflection of many Fundamentalist sects’ ignorance and bigotry. Below is a screen shot:
Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 2.24.05 PM.pngIt’s expected. After all, the Protestant Church of Christ is founded on the theory that all who preceded it is wrong. So when nothing of substance can be presented to establish the error of all who’ve journeyed before, they wander into myths.
In contrast, below is a video by a convert from Protestantism who has chosen not to adhere to myths and bigotry. Better (and gentler!) than I ever could, linguist and popular Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin addresses a common Fundamentalist protest regarding Easter, and he shows how it certainly is not a “pagan” holiday — that it is indeed a Christian holiday!
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