My Latest Book: The Noble Bereans Were Catholic

I have a new book available. It includes some posts from this website that relate to Protestantism’s theory of sola Scriptura. It’s edited for paperback and is presented in a logical order. Some of the material has been edited / endorsed by some well-known scholars and apologists such as Dave Armstrong, Bryan Cross, and Nick Hardesty. If you enjoy Comparative Religion then I think you’ll enjoy this book.
The Noble Bereans Were Catholic presents the most common biblically-derived proofs for sola Scriptura, and explains how such arguments actually support the Catholic Church’s Rule of Faith: that Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition are two edges of the single word of God. This book is not only for “Church of Christ” readers; it is addressed in first person to “Bible-only” Christians.
•Has the Christian Church ever believed in sola Scriptura?
•Can the Bible create its own Table of Contents?
•Does Catholic teaching “go beyond what is written”?
•Does the Catholic Church teach “traditions of men”?
•Does Acts 17:11 endorse “Bible-only” Christianity?
•Does 2 Timothy 3:16-17 prove that the “Bible only” is all-sufficient for the perfecting of the saints?
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