A Little Encouragement

I should probably post more emails like the one below as encouragement for readers. I receive so many emails from people who are considering the Catholic Church or have already made the jump, and it’s always interesting to learn what causes a person to start her journey (or reversion). For many people it’s the CofC’s confused theology of the body (divorce / “re”-marriage, contraception, etc.). For others, it’s the fact that the CofC cannot articulate a reasonable defense for its theory of sola Scriptura. There are so many jumping points, but for some people it’s a deepening understanding of the sacraments (although the CofC would never use such a “Catholic” word). The latter, I think, is really interesting. All the sacraments are encounters with Christ Jesus — grace. In the East, Christians call the sacraments “mysteries”; the humble acknowledgement of the unseen’s realness — in faith — is beautiful! (If you’re interested, here’s a helpful dialogue about cohesive sacramental theology with a different CofC reader.)
Below is an email that should encourage my CofC readers! For my CofC readers, the book about Baptism that Lynn is referring to is The Church of Christ and Baptism, and “RCIA” is basically the “class” that converts take to become more familiar with the Sacraments of Initiation. (I was once an RCIA teacher myself.) Notice how, as in almost every case I’m aware of, those who come towards the Catholic Church are more informed than those who leave her for any non-Catholic sect. And for my Catholic readers, the “ICOC” is a sub-sect / splinter group of the CofC. It is remarkably similar to the CofC (theology), but a little more cult-like in its discipleship (sociology). Let’s celebrate and pray for Lynn and her family. Welcome home!
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