Taylor Swift Is Right! Anti-Catholics Gonna Hate

Below is a “review” for one of my books. The “reviewer’s” name is Justin Gentry, but he posted as “NSA Surveillance”. He also hates Catholic convert/apologist/author Devin Rose. Rose made a quick video about my book The Church of Christ Is Built on Rock, and Gentry got all upset ‘n’ stuff.
Gentry left a one-star review for my book, but has since removed it after he proved Taylor Swift right; haters gonna hate! I wish he kept the review because it’s precisely the sort of material that pushes many CofC-ers and other non-Catholic people of good will away from Protestantism and towards the Catholic Church of Christ. Fortunately, I copied the entire discussion.
Gentry wasn’t able to give an example of how my logic/book/theology is flawed. And typical for many CofC-ers, he simply stated, “[Catholics] don’t understand the CofC”, yet he wasn’t able to explain how. It’s expected. It’s standard. It’s predictable. It’s Protestant. Over the years, I’ve witnessed CofC elders/ministers avoid critical thought in the same way dozens of times.
Justin Gentry’s words will be in blue, and my words will be in red. 
Written at an 7th grade level, this booklet demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the positions held by churches of Christ. If you actually want to learn something, find other books. “Lay apologists” such as Vandapool and Devin Rose should not quit their day jobs
•You changed your name from Justin Gentry to NSA. What are you ashamed of?
•I wrote the book at a 12+ grade level, but kept is short (110 pages) to compensate for its intricacy.
•I proved that I have a mastery of CofC beliefs, and I presented them fairly.
•Devin Rose had nothing to do with this book, but I don’t mind being grouped with a best-selling author!
•You clearly didn’t read the book, cannot argue with anything I wrote, and failed to write a review.
Just to clear things up, I wasn’t ashamed of anything – just trying to get the hang of how this website works since I’m relatively new to this.
I meant that the level of argumentation and logic more closely resembled that of a junior high school student.
No, you didn’t “prove you have a mastery of CofC beliefs.” That was the point I was making in my review. The booklet is filled with straw men. You assume it was impossible for Jesus to have spoken anything but Aramaic, while many actually believe that he was multilingual. Page 15 is also ridiculous: “Did God change your restorers names? Have any of your ministers seen Jesus in person? Did God change Alexander Campbell’s name to one of majesty, ancient permanence, or authority?…” Campbell never claimed to be an Apostle and neither does any CoC regard him so. One does not have to “see Jesus” or have their name changed in order to understand what Scripture teaches. The problem here is an uninformed or misguided understanding of what people mean when they say Campbell “restored” the Church. (Restored not in the sense of some sort of “re-founded” but rather a “re-instituting” or “re-applying”of what Christ’s apostles taught as found in the New Testament.)Of course, there is also the underlying assumption to the whole book: that the Catholic Church of today accurately reflects the views, practices, and teachings of the Apostles – which it clearly does not. You can argue all you like over some enigmatic, presupposed historical linkage to Peter, but if you don’t believe the same things he (or the Apostles collectively) did then your church is not the one he established.
…strange how I did in fact understand what “restored” meant when I was an enthusiastic CofC student, teacher, minister… But when people leave the sect, we, all of a sudden, were stoooopid the whole time…
Devin Rose posted a youtube video promoting this book similar to how he did with the work of Dr James White. Mr Rose sheepishly retreated with his tail between his legs when he was called out, which is what should happen in this case as well.
I have purchased and am reading this book and the others associated with it.
•My book speaks for itself, so I’ll let it answer all of your false accusations.
•Good to know you’re NOW reading a book that you PREVIOUSLY gave a one-star review for. Wow. I suspect that all you did is read the on-line intro because that’s all you’ve [hardly] addressed.
•Rose had a five-year invitation to White, but White avoided Rose until just recently, and tried to change the format to one he is most comfortable with (THE RECORD IS VERY CLEAR ON THAT). That’s just how White is. There’s even a book called Debating James White by Dave Armstrong that documents how White acts. But I get it now! You have some sort of irrational beef with Rose and your hate for him spilled over onto me. (You think I act like a 7th grader?) God bless you, NSA surveillance.
Once again you completely misunderstand the thrust of what I have stated and twist my words!
I wrote a review for this book *after* buying and reading it, not the other way around. I did not intend to argue – I felt that the foolishness of this book needed to be called out for what it is and so I created a short review that was direct and to the point.
PLEASE give just one example of how “foolish” this book is. I’m pretty certain you won’t…
I do not know Dr White personally so I cannot comment on his alleged behavior but I will say that you could learn a thing or two from his debates against Catholic apologists and books on Sola Scriptura. No, I do not have irrational hatred for Rose…his irrational beef with CofC is what I was addressing. Obviously, your book does not “answer all false accusations” otherwise I would not have listed these problems in point #3 above! Again, Campbell is not viewed as the “founder” of anything, nor does he hold any theological authority over churches or universities. To claim in your tract that he does not meet the qualifications for apostleship *demonstrates* that you did not understand CofC history/thought when you wrote it. There are also many statements on your pages that say things to the effect of holding a certain position is “logically impossible,” but you are blinded by the set of assumptions that you used when assessing other people’s views, such as the widely accepted notion that Jesus was multilingual. I could go on but you get the idea. I don’t know you so all I have to go off of has been the logic under-girding your writing, which frankly resembles that of many junior high school students I know. I did not write this in my original review to insult but only to inform potential buyers that their time and money would better be spent elsewhere.
Good day, Sir
Obsessed person / Justin Gentry / NSA surveillance / “Christian” man,
Your behavior is common among anti-Catholic “reviewers”. I’m going to post your “review” on my website http://www.patrickvandapool.com not to humiliate you, but because I think it would be good if a greater audience could see how low some people go in their anti-Catholic zealotry.
What you’ve clearly communicated:
•After you realized your name (Justin Gentry) is associated with your initial mean-spirited non-review you changed it to NSA. You didn’t leave a fake name because “you’re new to this”; you changed your name to a fake name on purpose so that you would have no accountability. (People who are actually familiar with how Amazon works know exactly what you did.)
•You left a one-star review for a book that you obviously didn’t read. You then admitted to reading it later. Then you accused me of misrepresenting you.
•Your hatred for a different author spilled onto me. You lied about his drama with White and called him “sheepish”. Man up, be a Christian, and publicly apologize as publicly as you tried to defame him.
•You wrote that my book is written at a 7th grade level. I corrected you (because you hadn’t read it), and then you said I was supposed to read your mind instead of your words.
•You said I think Jesus spoke only Aramaic. Well, that’s irrelevant to the book, and I never wrote anything of the sort. FYI: I, of course, believe He was multilingual. 
•You accused me of presenting straw men, but you haven’t been able to explain how. 
•You said I act like a child, all while hiding your name, calling others names, abusing the Amazon system by writing a non-review, going off on a rant because you hate another Catholic writer, and write nothing of substance in any way whatsoever.
•You said I don’t understand the CofC, but you haven’t shown one single example of it.
•You objected to p. 15 because you either didn’t read p. 14, or you simply don’t have the capacity to understand it. That happens; I tend to write for a more sophisticated audience than your mentor (“Dr.” / “Bishop” White) regarding the modern (and profoundly anti-biblical) theory of sola Scriptura. My books / essays have helped hundreds of people come from the CofC to the Catholic Church (a week doesn’t go by when I’m not thanked), so I know people of good will are able to see the logic that my essays present.
If you actually talk with people who leave the CofC for the Catholic Church, you’ll learn that people are simply tired of your kind of behavior. So, you might think that you’ve somehow hurt me (that was your intention, after all), but you’ve helped solidify what a lot of people are already thinking. You should actually read the book, try to understand it instead of ranting about it because you hate a person who gave it an honest review. Instead of reading it with the purpose of trying to find faults with it, pray for wisdom and read it as a student; you will learn something.
I hope someday you’ll be willing to have an honest discussion. And of course, because you’re now obsessed with me, this is where you have the last word.
[Gentry then deleted his “review”]
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