John T. Polk II Proves How the Protestant Church of Christ Is More Satanic Than Christian This Easter Season (Zing!)

As predictable as the sunrise, Fundamentalists look forward to the Christian Easter season as a way to imitate Satan. As most Christians throughout the world and time know, Lent is a time when believers strive to live more like Christ, to imitate Him, to spend forty days in the desert. And as most believers throughout the world and time know, it is Satan who mocked Jesus during His time in the desert. And as most believers today are aware, it is Fundamentalists who enjoy mocking Christians who live as Jesus lived.
The Protestant Church of Christ’s (CofC) anti-intellectual and bigoted behavior helps people of good will come to learn that the Catholic Church is the real Church of Christ. I receive emails every week from folks who are able to study history and the Bible, and come to learn that sects only as old as plastic are not Jesus’ Church; the “information age” has made it easy to access reality and challenge what the tribe calls “biblical”.
For example, a few weeks ago I received the following email, and the writer mentioned how the hatred of some Fundamentalist websites such as the “Fellowship Room” actually helps people leave the CofC and enter into the fullness of Christianity:
philip email
But Easter is a special time for both Catholics and haters! Two years ago, the “Fellowship Room” helped people become Catholic by publishing this gem. And a few days ago John T. Polk II hypocritically (he’s obese and clearly indulges in the “lusts of the flesh”) railed against gluttony within the pretend Catholic Church that he has conjured within his own mind. He wrote:
John T. Polk II
Read his words again. Notice he admits he’s railing against something the Catholic Church is not, and then pretends that it’s Catholicism he’s railing against. Polk, believe it or not, is one of their “smart” guys!
A sign of healthy religion is its ability to laugh at itself, and Catholicism is probably the best at it! “Tuesday” (Polk’s descriptor) is normally called “Fat Tuesday” in this country (it’s understandable why Polk doesn’t like the word “fat”); it’s sort of a tongue-in-cheek reference to the day before Christians fast for forty days and look forward to Christ’s Resurrection. Some Catholics abuse “Fat Tuesday”, but they don’t abuse it because they take Lent seriously; they abuse it because they’re not the greatest Catholics. Most practicing Catholics, of course, don’t become Polk-looking gluttons and, as Polk implied, indulge in the flesh. And people who judge religions by their worst adherents are not fair people; I doubt Polk would want someone like me to describe and present the CofC as its worst adherents practice Fundamentalism. I, unlike Polk, engage in Comparative Religion by presenting the best and most indicative examples of what the CofC membership offers.
But of course, again, Polk doesn’t attack the real Catholic Church; he attacks a pretend Catholic Church.
He continued. Polk called the Catholic Church “apostate” (by the authority he grants himself – which is the definition of Protestantism – and predictably built a false dichotomy: “New Testament” vs. Catholic teachings). Polk wants his followers to believe that the Bible is the only form of the “word of God” when the Bible actually teaches that the Bible is not the only “word of God” (Jesus established a perpetually authoritative Church that produced equally authoritative Scripture), and then expects his followers to think that the Bible’s lack of explicit instructions to fast as Jesus had is not from God. His assumptions are modern, not Christian. From the beginning of Christianity, Christians have minded the authority of the Church, and the Magisterium has the Christ-given authority to pastor the flock in the way it believes is best. Fasting during Lent is precisely Christian, and the Bible in no way teaches against it.
I’ve addressed the thrust of Polk’s and the CofC’s theories in book form if you’re interested in learning about historical Christianity: I’ve addressed the CofC’s anti-biblical theory of “apostasy and restoration” here. I’ve addressed the CofC’s anti-biblical theory of “Bible-only Christianity” here. And I’ve addressed the CofC’s anti-biblical hope that the Christian Church has no authority here. Most of this material is scattered around this website as well.
As people of good will stand back and compare Catholic practices with Fundamentalist antagonists, the distinction resembles Jesus in the desert. One Person fasts and prays, and one spirit mocks and hates.
Thank you Johnny Polk and your “Words of Wisdom”. Please continue to aid the Kingdom in your special way.
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