CofC Minister Johnny Robertson: “[Patrick Vandapool] cannot do us no harm”

(This isn’t news, but it does reveal the CofC ethos.) Founder of the CofC WDTBS television show publicly writes:
Pax [Patrick Vandapool] cannot do us no harm and that why he wont fly to Martinsville not unless we foot he bill [to debate me on my television show]. . . . Really now I just want you to man up and bring your false doctrine to the airwaves but You and me know that wont happen because all you can do is play book writer and site master. You take that book momey Buy a plane tickey then we post it all on youtube how about that?
I can’t make this stuff up. (Yes. Robertson, like most CofC ministers / smart guys I’ve met, thinks “pax” means “Pat” and not “peace”). I previously agreed to a public online dialog with him, but he decided to run away and demand I pay the expenses to debate him as a “guest” on his westboro-like television show instead. He squirmed out as these guys almost always do. Once I revealed him as a coward he publicly pretended that I’m the coward for not springing for a flight and lodging in order to “bring false doctrines” to his television show. It’s clear Johnny only participates when he’s able to edit and control his opponent’s content.
This kind of behavior is typical for the CofC. I’ve illustrated how online CofC celebrities normally pretend to be courageous when they attack the Church but always end up hiding when a knowledgeable Catholic is willing to engage them (Eugene Adkins, Johnny Polk, Chris Peltz, Scott Shifferd jr., Randal Matheny, Neal Pollard, Weylan Deaver — just off the top of my head), and my collection wouldn’t be complete without the CofC’s quintessential stereotype: Johnny Robertson.
Catholic Christianity has no reason to hide! The Catholic churches of Christ greet you!
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