The Early “House Churches”, of Course, Were Catholic

As a Protestant Church of Christ Christian, I assumed the early “house churches” were what the Protestant Church of Christ made them out to be: simple Bible studies in somebody’s basement. But when a person looks past the modern Protestant models that impose their preferences onto ancient realities, she learns that the Church of Christ is Catholic!
[WARNING: LOGIC AHEAD] And as just one more example of how Catholic — not Protestant, not “Restorationist” — the early Church was, consider the makeup of the early “house church”. The details are perfectly Catholic, and a Protestant Church of Christ-er, if one could have even existed, would not have recognized the Lord’s Church. The following example pre-dates the formation of the Christian canon of Scripture! In other words, if a Protestant believes the Bible is Scripture, then she must also consider the Catholocity (characteristics) of the ancient house church, because both were formed by the same apostolic authority. And if a CofC-er were to theorized that the Christian Church were already in some sort of “apostasy” then she has no reason to believe her Bible contains the correct books, because the Bible was not created for another century or more. Link here.
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