How Does Mary Make Us More Christian?

A member of the Protestant Church of Christ that I’m in dialogue with asks:
“How does Mary make us *more* Christian? What is the purpose of Marian Devotion?”
Thank you! This is how I understand it: A greater love for Mary is the natural result of becoming more Christ-like. The inverse, I believe is true as well: demoting her to “just a good woman” is a result of not following Christ.
Of course, Mary makes it possible for us to be Christians; without her perfect faith the Church could not have been born.
But are men not better husbands when they come to love what their bride loves? Do people not love others more when they view them through the eyes of those who already love them? Is Jesus not our Brother, and would Mary not be our mother? Are we not better brothers when we love our mother together? Does obedience not cause understanding, and are we not meant to honor our mother? Do God’s people of every generation not call her blessed? In other words, Marian piety *is* a part of being Christian–she is not a barrier, a burden, or an aspect to weigh against our journey.
Mary allows us to see Jesus as God chose Him to be seen. God chose Mary to give Jesus flesh, and Mary’s perfect faith and cooperation is what made her become the deliverer of the Deliverer! She was the first Christian, she loved Him before anyone, she saw the face of our Lord more perfectly than any of us, she gazed into His eyes while she nursed Him, loved Him perfectly, and we Catholics want to love Him perfectly as well. And with Jesus as our Brother, we have the same mother who nurses us as we too gaze back into her eyes. We do that as St. John had, by taking her into our home. And it is St. John, the disciple whom Jesus gave His mother to (another proof that Jesus had no blood-brothers), who spent the most time with her, who probably loved her most, and was ultimately able to see her enthroned as Queen of Heaven (cf. Rev 12). We see her crowned in heaven, and a crown is the prize; she is the sign written in Revelation and in the stars that keeps us fixed on our journey.
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