Scott J. Shifferd: A “Straw Man” Meltdown

Scott J. Shifferd (Scott Shifferd Jr.) is a Protestant Church of Christ preacher at Dean Road Church of Christ. He introduced himself to me a few years ago online. I once tolerated irrational comments from CofC-ers on a previous humor website because those sorts of comments helped people see how CofC-ers normally operate – how they typically refuse to address actual topics, how they most often revert to machine gun protests. Shifferd was perfect for my purpose, but he continues to help thinking people become Catholic even today.
On his own blog, Shifferd recently attacked me as someone who “doesn’t understand the [Protestant] churches of Christ”, and that I am only capable of presenting “strawmen” [sic] arguments. (I would link to it, but he changes and deletes posts and comments; a link to his site will probably soon be meaningless.) Of course, he has never, and could never, provide a single example of my misunderstanding of the CofC; his tactic, again, is normative: his slander is meant to poison the well because he does not want his audience to entertain non-conforming positions (facts). He is afraid, and his job depends on an ignorant following.
What separates this Comparative Religion website from any CofC website I am aware of is that I present my “opposition’s” best arguments. Doing so proves how I understand the CofC, and it also proves how I – in perfect Catholic tradition – am willing and able to avoid straw man arguments. Conversely, Shifferd’s blog is perfectly indicative of how the CofC treats its opposition by never addressing Catholicism honestly. And even though Shifferd knows he – in perfect CofC tradition – is neither willing nor able to present what the Catholic Church of Christ teaches, he pretends that I attack CofC caricatures, and he seems oblivious to the fact that I have addressed his own arguments for some topics at length throughout this website and books.
So, if what I present are “strawmen” [sic], then Shifferd must admit that he is not representative of the CofC, that his arguments are weak, that he is what I have proved: a theologian of little substance.
EXAMPLE: Shifferd was once obsessed with me because he knows this apostolate has helped so many people enter into the fullness of Christianity. He wrote for me a series of arguments that summarize the CofC’s position regarding the Christian Canon of Scripture (the Bible’s “Table of Contents”) and thought that it would somehow hurt the Catholic Church. What I have done is show how the CofC’s position, as presented by Shifferd himself, is implausible, is impossible, is not Christian, and is not the result of any intellectual endeavor.
My book The Noble Bereans Were Catholic, again, proves Scott’s theories wrong, and I included the CofC’s other most indicative and popular supporting arguments and proof texts for its new position as well. When all of the CofC’s best biblical arguments are analyzed, they actually support the historical Catholic Church of Christ!
If I build strawmen [sic] arguments, then I have shown Scott J. Shifferd to be an unworthy spokesman for CofC-ism.
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