Theology: The Insertion of Reason into Religion

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What’s this? Oh, nothing. Just the best Comparative Religion books about the Protestant Church of Christ (CofC) and the Catholic Church of Christ. This niche is often ignored by apologists because the CofC is so small and irrelevant; they tend to address the larger Protestant world.

As a convert from CofC-ism to Catholic Christianity, I illustrate how the CofC’s foundational premises don’t stand up to scrutiny, and how the Church Jesus’ built is Catholic.

One thing that attracted me to historical Christianity is its willingness to address its opponents’ best arguments; that is something I never encountered as a CofC-er.  If you’re a Catholic who is in dialogue with a CofC-er, these books will help you understand where they’re — so to speak — coming from. If you’re a CofC-er, I dare you to read these books. At the very least, read this website. Be strong and courageous; don’t be afraid.

•The CofC’s best arguments against authentic Christian ecclesiology

•The CofC’s best arguments against authentic Christian baptisms

•The CofC’s best arguments for its “Apostasy” and “Restoration” theories

•The CofC’s best arguments for “Bible-only” Christianity

The Catholic churches of Christ greet you!

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