Can I Prove Christianity Is True?

widpicI cannot prove Christianity is true. Nobody Can. At least, nobody can prove it in the manner many non-Christians demand: scientifically.

Christianity is not science – not science as recognized by moderns; it is not visible only.

Christianity dwells in mystery and reason: invisible and visible. We ought not be ashamed of this kind of ignorance. After all, we profess that an unmathematically united Trinity of invisible spirit can create from nothing! Sure, some Christians chomp at the bait to defend the Faith in arenas that favor the home team: the skeptics. They normally – I believe always – lose. But even with our own ignorance and impossible task of scientifically proving mystery, we are less ignorant than those who are unaware of mysteries’ existence.

So what! We do not need to limit our access to a single arbitrary route. We can remain multilingual. We can allow science do what science does. We can believe in miracles when others mock. We can do philosophy, and gain wisdom. We can speculate and notice a red line of congruence throughout time. We can theologize – ponder the science of God. We need not feel ashamed that we cannot prove Love in ways other than loving others.

So I do not pretend to prove Christianity. I know there would never be enough non-scientific evidence to satisfy zealots. My faith is not blind. Like a scientist, I make inferences based on evidence; just not the kind of evidence moderns prefer. And like philosophers, scientists make inferences – they veer from science and do philosophy more than they often admit. So on this website I start in the middle. If Christianity is true, then there is a more true form of Christianity among the overt panoply of competing groups. With basic historical and scriptural reasoning, I illustrate how Catholicism is more plausibly true than non-Catholic Christianity.

If Christianity is true, then Catholicism is true. As far as dealing with the “if”, I will allow the bait-chompers to exhaust themselves.

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2 Responses to Can I Prove Christianity Is True?

  1. pantacrator says:

    A hearty Good Friday Amen! Well said.

  2. Patrick says:

    Hey, everyone! Have a question? Become a Patron and I’ll give it my best shot!


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