Nine-Part Series: Sola Scriptura vs. Scriptura

widpicStarting tomorrow I’ll post an nine-part series about the Protestant (and Church of Christ, of course) foundational belief in sola Scriptura: the belief that Scripture alone provides all that is necessary for faith and salvation; that Scripture alone is the sole Christian rule of faith and authority.

Has the Christian Church ever believed in sola Scriptura?

Cam the Bible create its own Table of Contents?

Does Catholic teaching “go beyond what is written”?

Does the Catholic Church teach “traditions of men”?

Does Acts 17:11 endorse “Bible-only Christianity”?

Does 2 Timothy 3:16-17 prove that the “Bible only” is all-sufficient for the perfecting of the saints?

These and many other questions will be answered! I’ll logically introduce the topic, then I’ll fairly dissect the Protestant Church of Christ’s best arguments and show how the Catholic position is more plausibly true. Come on back each of the following nine days for the full scoop!

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