What CofC Men-O-God Say:

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• “Your website is a troll.” “You son of Satan.”
-Scott J. Shifferd, Dean Road Church of Christ

• “Pax [(he thinks “pax” means “Pat” and not “peace”)] cannot do us no harm and that why he wont fly to Martinsville not unless we foot he bill [to debate me on my television show]. . . . Really now I just want you to man up and bring your false doctrine to the airwaves but You and me know that wont happen because all you can do is play book writer and site master. You take that book momey Buy a plane tickey then we post it all on youtube how about that?”
-Johnny Robertson, founder of Church of Christ WDTBS Television Show

• “You are not a model of ethicality.”
-Neal Pollard, Bear Valley Church of Christ; instructor at Bear Valley Bible Institute

• “Patrick Vandapool you will pay for your crimes against God.” “You and your Church are condemned, better accept the Gospel and leave your Church before you die in your sins. you are an alien sinner!” “Your brainwashed.” “Your site is a propaganda site.” Your not a true Christian.” “Your a fool… . I never called you a fool.”
-John Riddle; “well tranned priest of the Lord’s Church”

• “Are you an unmarried man under 25? Your writing style and wisdom match such a profile.”
-Steve Rudd, Hamilton Church of Christ; founder of CofC propaganda website bible.ca

• “You have to be the most immature person that I’ve ever “met” in WordPress, and that includes the atheists, by which in overwhelming numbers show more common courtesy and respect that you. Are you 10 years old? …if that’s what your readers enjoy then it says as much about them as it does you.”
-Eugene Adkins, Keltonburg Church of Christ

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