One Reason Protestant Church of Christ-ers Don’t Love Mary

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 3.43.11 AM.pngProtestant Church of Christ-ers,

I explained in my last essay about Marriage and sex how Luther infects Protestant Church of Christ theology in regards to its confusion about Marriage, but even though Luther undeniably had a love for Mary, his lingering influence and theology of utter depravity overpowers your group’s view of her. Luther’s “snow-covered dung heap”—his understanding of a wretched human nature and its never-achievable goal of holiness—has formed your group’s understanding of, as many of you describe her, simply a good woman.

Remember, even in your marriages (as explained) holy living is not possible, and lust is managed and “Christianized”; holy living is a taunting goal, but you hope God views your sinful lives as pure white snow. So it makes sense that you would project your own defeatism and sin onto others, even onto God’s greatest creation.

Luther pre-emptively numbed your communities to her, and they almost—you know this is true—despise her because she is so overwhelmingly present in the Catholic Church. As a youth minister in the Protestant Church of Christ, the elders specifically asked me not to teach a class about Mary because, predictably, people might think I was Catholic. I was not Catholic, but I was on my way; Mary always points to truth.

There are many good books about Mary. In this website I try to address specific protests that are more unique to the Protestant Church of Christ, but its protests are the same as the remainder of the modern Protestant religious world; so therefore, I suggest you crack a different book if you want a more in-depth explanation of the historical understanding of the mother of God. Instead, I will provide responses to a few questions that many Protestant Church of Christ Christians have already asked me over the years. Perhaps a few answers to common questions—answers you possibly have never heard because you never truly wanted to know answers—might help you understand that the Church of Christ is Catholic.

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