About Comparative Religion

I would prefer an intelligent hell to a stupid paradise.

-Some Guy

FIRST: My essays are defensive; not offensive. Many Protestants have a hobbyhorse passion, which is to misrepresent the Catholic Church of Christ and litter the world with confusion. I do not “go after” Protestants; I fairly present their protests and show a more reasonable approach to reality.

SECOND: I respectfully do not care about your religion; I do not care what you believe at all. But if you claim to be the Lord’s Church, pony up and prove it.

For my own sanity — like the compulsion to correct somebody’s grammar for no reason other than to ensure order — my theology essays prove the absolute elegance and reasonableness of Catholicism, and perhaps help those who give a damn about cohesive thought.

Prots, If you respond to data and reason, then enjoy! If you are more interested in your comfortable sociology or self-created Cracker Jack-credentialed Man-O-God career, then you will not last long here. 

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Most of my theology articles serve curious members of the Stone-Campbell churches of Christ (CofC) and other Restoration-leaning ecclesial communities that began in 19th-century America. (Definitions of terms here.) My logical approach offends a lot of people, and I do not care; I write for people I understand, and several hundred fellow aliens have contacted me over the years to thank me for helping them lose the scales from their eyes. (So, my style works for some people.) My essays are primarily addressed — in letter form — to Restorationists, but they also serve Catholic Christians who are targeted by non-Catholics for conversion. This collection is also a resource for Catholics who are either interested in Catholic apologetics or are trying to reason with Restorationists.

The Catholic Church is the Church of Christ (throughout all of Christian history the name always referred to the Catholic Church), but some modern non-Catholic groups have assumed the Catholic Church’s name(s). They are convinced their newer models are Jesus’ intent. Through this website, with logic and basic scriptural and historical reasoning, I will illustrate how the Catholic model is Jesus’ intent — how the Catholic Church is the Church Jesus built; how it is, in fact, the real Church of Christ.

But, can I prove Christianity is true?