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THE CHURCH OF CHRIST IS CATHOLIC .com is a project by Patrick Vandapool, and it serves members of the Stone-Campbell churches of Christ (CofC) and other Restoration-leaning ecclesial communities. (Definition of terms here.) Therefore, it is primarily addressed to Restorationist Christians (members of the CofC, but it is relevant to other types of Protestantism as well). This project also serves Catholic Christians who are targeted by non-Catholics for conversion and it works as a resource for Catholics who are either interested in Catholic apologetics or are trying to reason from the Scriptures with Restorationists.

Most apologists focus on atheism and popular forms of Protestantism, and often overlook the particulars of CofC traditions. I focus [mostly] on the CofC; hundreds of people have notified me of their journey towards the Catholic Church and how this apostolate has helped them. I do not make money from this project, I give away more books than I sell, and my books are priced as low as possible to cover expenses; but your support in the form of links on your own websites is very much appreciated.

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widpicThe Catholic Church is the Church of Christ, but some non-Catholic groups that first emerged in the 19th century have assumed the Catholic Church’s name(s). They are convinced their newer model is Jesus’ intent. Through this website, with logic and basic scriptural and historical reasoning, I illustrate how the Catholic model is Jesus’ intent — how the Catholic Church is the Church Jesus built; how it is, in fact, the real Church of Christ.

Note: I’m a layman (a small businessman), a convert from the CofC to the Catholic Church of Christ. My intention is to present Christian truths — to present old teachings in new ways (old Welch’s Grape Juice in new Welch’s Grape Juice skins). I happily submit to the teachings of Holy Mother Church, so please correct me if I misrepresent her. Unless otherwise noted, biblical citations are from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

If you have been away from the Catholic Church, please take another look. Enjoy the following short video by

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