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Tips for Converting Romanists to Christianity

#1 To begin, make sure you target the lowest hanging fruit. Talking to a Catholic who knows anything about Catholicism, history, logic, or the Bible will only frustrate you. Your targets must already dislike the Catholic Church and prefer to … Continue reading

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Evangelicals, This Is One Way You’re Confused about Baptism (and So Many Other Things)

This post is different; it’s a rant. I’ve recently been social-media-attacked (I’m not complaining, I sorta’ enjoy it.) about Catholic theology by people who literally brag about not having any education. Hit and runs, snipes, jabs, all disguised in pompous … Continue reading

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How Does Mary Make Us More Christian?

Q) Patrick, How does Mary make us more Christian? A greater love for Mary is the natural result of becoming more Christian. Are men not better husbands when they come to love what their bride loves? Do people not love … Continue reading

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Bible Ninja Answers a Catholic about the Protestant Church of Christ

Non-Catholic Christians, I often answer questions for Catholics, too! Which Bible Version Does the Protestant Church of Christ Use? …and… How Do Catholics View Mary in Light of Mark 3:20,21—in How Jesus’ Family Thought He Had Lost His Mind? These … Continue reading

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One Reason Protestant Church of Christ-ers Don’t Love Mary

Protestant Church of Christ-ers, I explained in my last essay about Marriage and sex how Luther infects Protestant Church of Christ theology in regards to its confusion about Marriage, but even though Luther undeniably had a love for Mary, his … Continue reading

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You Totally Want This!

HEY, CATHOLICS! If you’re in any way familiar with how the Protestant world treats the ancient Faith, then you’re most likely amused every time a Protestant accuses Catholics of following TRADITIONS OF MEN. This is your chance to turn their … Continue reading

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Marriage and Sex, Part 8. A Foundational Protestant Assumption

Many Fundamentalists enjoy two of Christianity’s seven sacraments of grace: Baptism and Matrimony. Those who are baptized are part of the Christian Church, though not in full communion with her; and Catholicism affectionately recognizes their status as brothers and sisters … Continue reading

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