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Fundamentalism’s Attack on Christian Marriage

Here’s a slightly abridged online version of my book As Christ Loved the Church. It should be in paperback later this year. (Just one more proof to my critics that I don’t do this for profit.) I utilize popular Protestant … Continue reading

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Theology: The Insertion of Reason into Religion

What’s this? Oh, nothing. Just the best Comparative Religion books about the Protestant Church of Christ (CofC) and the Catholic Church of Christ. This niche is often ignored by apologists because the CofC is so small and irrelevant; they tend … Continue reading

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Plug for My Business

This sounds like an a bad TV ad, but oh well. If you or someone you know would like to make money in the pet care industry, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get started. I can get almost anyone qualified … Continue reading

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Insight into Christian Pro-Life Philosophy by Analyzing How Catholics and CofC-ers View Church Origins

The following is an endnote from an earlier essay titled When Did the Church Begin? The endnote illustrates one way Catholicism encourages a pro-life philosophy more than Protestantism, but the essay provides context. It is important to reiterate that the … Continue reading

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Protestant Church of Christ’s Acquiescence to Modern Bible Versions’ Anti-Marian Evolution

This essay simultaneously answers two semi-related questions readers have sent me, and it shows how the Protestant Church of Christ’s (CofC) preference for anti-Catholic doctrine is more attractive than the purity of God’s written word. The questions are summarized as: … Continue reading

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A Psycho-Theological Reason Why [Protestant] Church of Christ Ministers Fear Christmas

This stream of consciousness isn’t about anybody specific; it’s about the Protestant Church of Christ’s (CofC’s) overall ecclesiological insecurity. Note: Some of the language I use is in-house CofC jargon that some Catholics might find odd, and, as usual with … Continue reading

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A Reflection on the CofC’s “Apostasy Theory” and How It Relates to Marriage

One thing that drew me from the Restorationist Churches of Christ (CofC) to the Catholic Church of Christ was the absolute reasonableness and cohesion of Catholic theology. Throughout this website I’ve addressed the CofC’s best arguments for its “Apostasy Theory” … Continue reading

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