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“No Creed But the Bible” Is a Ridiculous Lie

Ministers and laypeople of the Protestant Church of Christ, You often profess pride in your lack of a creed, but you utilize a creed-like mantra as both a statement of belief and a disparaging commentary on Christians who do confess … Continue reading

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Patreon Plug

If the absolute reasonableness, quality and thoroughness of my material bothers you, just try to shut me up by becoming a Patron. Your support might encourage me to quit. I’ve a couple videos in the works, and I’ll get them … Continue reading

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Ecclesiology, Part 3. Responses to CofC Protests

CofC’ers, Your members ordinarily first object to the Catholic Church of Christ’s self-understanding of what Jesus’ spoken words mean by arguing from the written words of a different language—by divorcing the text from its creator and insisting the Incarnate Logos … Continue reading

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Appendix for Previous Post: Every use of “baptism”, “baptisms”, “baptize”, “baptized”, and “baptizing” in the English New Testament (NIV); with possible contextual modal indications.

New International Version chosen because it is an accepted and popular version within the Protestant Church of Christ. Matthew 3:6 Baptized in the river; “In” does not specify depth, but rather, they entered the river. No modal indication 3:7 Many … Continue reading

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Spiritual Fatherhood, Part 4. Beware of Robes

CofC-ers, The Protestant Church of Christ often objects to the Catholic Church’s use of vestments (robes), and believes that its use of vestments are an indication that it is a body that Christians should “beware of.” This particular objection is … Continue reading

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When Did the Church Begin?

One force that pushed my conversion towards Catholicism from non-Catholic, Stone-Campbellite Christianity was Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’s theology, who is already our former pope. Of course, such interest antagonized my low-church Fundamentalist sensibilities. Though he haunted me, I enjoyed every moment, … Continue reading

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Ecclesial / Papal Authority in the Bible

The following outline shows that Christ Jesus intended to create a holy, visible Church; complete with a prime minister, a hierarchy, binding authority, and perpetuity—the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. • The Davidic kingdom foreshadowed the Christian Church, complete … Continue reading

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