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If the absolute reasonableness, quality and thoroughness of my material bothers you, just try to shut me up by becoming a Patron. Your support might encourage me to quit. I’ve a couple videos in the works, and I’ll get them … Continue reading

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Ecclesiology, Part 3. Responses to CofC Protests

CofC’ers, Your members ordinarily first object to the Catholic Church of Christ’s self-understanding of what Jesus’ spoken words mean by arguing from the written words of a different language as written by that same Catholic Church—by divorcing the text from … Continue reading

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Appendix for Previous Post: Every use of “baptism”, “baptisms”, “baptize”, “baptized”, and “baptizing” in the English New Testament (NIV); with possible contextual modal indications.

New International Version chosen because it is an accepted and popular version within the Protestant Church of Christ. Matthew 3:6 Baptized in the river; “In” does not specify depth, but rather, they entered the river. No modal indication 3:7 Many … Continue reading

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Spiritual Fatherhood, Part 4. Beware of Robes

CofC-ers, The Protestant Church of Christ often objects to the Catholic Church’s use of vestments (robes), and believes that its use of vestments are an indication that it is a body that Christians should “beware of.” This particular objection is … Continue reading

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When Did the Church Begin?

One force that pushed my conversion towards Catholicism from non-Catholic, Stone-Campbellite Christianity was Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’s theology, who is already our former pope. Of course, such interest antagonized my low-church Fundamentalist sensibilities. Though he haunted me, I enjoyed every moment, … Continue reading

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Ecclesial / Papal Authority in the Bible

The following outline shows that Christ Jesus intended to create a holy, visible Church; complete with a prime minister, a hierarchy, binding authority, and perpetuity—the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. • The Davidic kingdom foreshadowed the Christian Church, complete … Continue reading

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Definitions of Terms

Protestant Church of Christ readers, The most common objection I receive from your members is their insistence that your communities are not “Protestant”. We all want to be called what we want to be called, but precise language is very important in … Continue reading

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