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Spiritual Fatherhood, Part 2. Calling Priests “Father”

CofC-ers, The Protestant Church of Christ objects to the Catholic Church’s practice of calling her priests “fathers”. Your group bases its objection not on the full corpus of Scripture, but on a single, isolated verse: And call no man your … Continue reading

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Spiritual Fatherhood, Part 1. The Real Church of Christ Understands It!

Members of the Protestant Churches of Christ, Non-Catholic Christianity is like a shattered mirror; it reflects something that precedes it, it distorts parts of the image of the original object, and it might not reflect parts of the object at … Continue reading

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Apostasy and Restoration, Part 2. A Comparative Religious Reflection on the Word “Apostasy”

CofC people, Consider a sacramental reflection on the word “apostasy”, and how it relates to the full understanding of what “falling away” might mean—how it might reveal which Church, Catholic or “Protestant / Restored”, is more legitimate. The “falling away” … Continue reading

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NEXT SERIES: Problems with the Protestant Church of Christ’s Theory of Apostasy and Restoration

In the next several posts I will break down how the CofC wrongly teaches that a “Great Apostasy” preceded its “Restoration”. I’ll go over EVERY CofC alleged scriptural proof for its theory, illustrate how the CofC forces an anti-Catholic (bigoted… … Continue reading

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Sola Scriptura vs. Scriptura, Part 6. Tradition

CofC Christians, As a proof for “Bible-only” Christianity, the Protestant Church of Christ refers to New Testament passages that include any negative portrayal of “tradition” in order to suggest an “either / or” (Scripture / Tradition) dichotomy of authority. The … Continue reading

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Nine-Part Series: Sola Scriptura vs. Scriptura

Starting tomorrow I’ll post an nine-part series about the Protestant (and Church of Christ, of course) foundational belief in sola Scriptura: the belief that Scripture alone provides all that is necessary for faith and salvation; that Scripture alone is the … Continue reading

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Definition of Terms

Protestant Church of Christ readers, The most common objection I receive from your members is their insistence that your communities are not “Protestant”. We all want to be called what we want to be called, but precise language is very important in … Continue reading

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