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Spiritual Fatherhood, Part 3. Calling the Pope “Holy Father”

CofC-ers, The Protestant Church of Christ objects to the address of “holy father” for a pope. As already proved, it is perfectly biblical for Christians to call their priests “father”. However, the address “holy” is a word the Protestant Church … Continue reading

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Apostasy and Restoration, Part 1. The Real Church of Christ Prevails

Ministers and laypeople of the Protestant Church of Christ, If the Protestant Church of Christ is following a pattern, it resembles that of the heretics—all of whom lifted themselves over the Scriptures as self-appointed interpreters of Scripture, and over the … Continue reading

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When Did the Church Begin?

One force that pushed my conversion towards Catholicism from non-Catholic, Stone-Campbellite Christianity was Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’s theology, who is already our former pope. Of course, such interest antagonized my low-church Fundamentalist sensibilities. Though he haunted me, I enjoyed every moment, … Continue reading

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Years ago I created and hosted — I believe — the best Comparative Religion material anywhere about the differences between Catholicism and Restorationist Christianity. I deleted that material because, well, life happened. What you can now expect: 1) Great Comparative … Continue reading

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