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You Totally Want This!

HEY, CATHOLICS! If you’re in any way familiar with how the Protestant world treats the ancient Faith, then you’re most likely amused every time a Protestant accuses Catholics of following TRADITIONS OF MEN. This is your chance to turn their … Continue reading

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Marriage and Sex, Part 3. “Guilt”

Rudd’s second argument for the Catholic Church’s “flawed, incomplete, and destructive” understanding of Marriage is titled, “Guilt”. Rudd continues: II. Guilt: Rather than sex being a wonderful communion between husband and wife to fulfill the sexual desire, The [sic] Roman … Continue reading

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Marian Comparative Religion Observation (CofC Original Sin Blunder)

Ever notice how Protestant sects (like the CofC) that argue against the Immaculate Conception (Mary conceived free from original sin) believe all [other?] people are immaculately conceived? Ever notice how “Bible-only” sects that believe Mary was a sinner can’t demonstrate from the “Bible … Continue reading

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Can I Prove Christianity Is True?

I cannot prove Christianity is true. Nobody Can. At least, nobody can prove it in the manner many non-Christians demand: scientifically. Christianity is not science – not science as recognized by moderns; it is not visible only. Christianity dwells in … Continue reading

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