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Marriage and Sex, Part 6. “Scandal”

Most of this blog is about principles and nuanced theology; its subjects require some reasoned attention to determine the merits of the Protestant Church of Christ’s attack on Catholic theology. The subject of scandal, however, is not theological; nor does … Continue reading

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Marriage and Sex, Part 4. “Birth Control”

Rudd’s third argument for the Catholic Church’s “flawed, incomplete, and destructive” understanding of Marriage is titled, “Birth Control”. Rudd continues: III. Birth Control: Roman Catholic church [sic] has a prohibition against birth control. Such is as [sic] anti-Biblical [sic] as … Continue reading

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Next Series: The Real Church of Christ Understands Marriage and Sex

The Real Church’s sex scandals are horrible. Honest Catholics admit it. People suck, but Judas Iscariot never discredited the Church. Unfortunately, opportunistic Fundamentalist sects jump on the historical Church to, in some bizarre effort, somehow discredit her theology (brilliant). Some … Continue reading

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