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Is Celibacy “Satanic”? Are Elders *Really* Supposed to be Married?

This portion of a larger essay addresses several common attacks that the Protestant Church of Christ hurls towards the Catholic Church of Christ. These CofC attacks are performed for two reasons: justify its own sexual behavior (I promise, this is … Continue reading

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Is CofC “Birth Control” Christian?

This portion of my larger essay illustrates how the Protestant Church of Christ, with its blinding zeal to attack the Catholic Church, has a wounded understanding of Marriage. I illustrate how modern Protestant enthusiasm for self-mutilation/sterilization and other consequence-avoiding sexual … Continue reading

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How Protestant Church of Christ Marriage Resembles a “Snow-Covered Dung Heap”

Brutal words, I agree, but Martin Luther (a “father” of Protestantism, and therefore a “grandfather” of Restorationism) has influenced the CofC more than it realizes. The CofC’s understanding of lust, Marriage (capitalized as a sacrament), and sex resemble the world’s … Continue reading

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