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How Does Mary Make Us More Christian?

A member of the Protestant Church of Christ that I’m in dialogue with asks: “How does Mary make us *more* Christian? What is the purpose of Marian Devotion?” Thank you! This is how I understand it: A greater love for … Continue reading

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The “Why” of the CofC’s Hybrid Christian / Worldly View of Marriage

This is my concluding remark from a larger essay that illustrates Fundamentalism’s attack on Christian Marriage. (Please read the full essay for better context if time permits). I remove the “we are the Lord’s Church” mask from the CofC, show … Continue reading

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The CofC’s Self-Invalidating Approach to Religion and its Dependence on a Pre-Christianized Catholic Culture

CofC readers, Catholics admit that Jesus established an authoritative Church, that the Church wrote and compiled the New Testament writings, that she added them to the Old Testament, and then called the entire library of Sacred Scripture the Bible. Catholics … Continue reading

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Bible: “Man of God” = “Catholic Priest” (Not Every Believer)

Restorationist CofC Christians, Below is a snippet from my book The Noble Bereans Were Catholic. A lot of your groups’ confusion about the Bible’s role in the perfecting of the saints is traced to a forced expectation: for 2 Timothy 3:16,17 (I explain the … Continue reading

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