Welcome to my website

I use this site for quick links to my writing and subjects of interest: Mind, Body, and Soul.

I believe I provide the highest quality Comparative Religion material about the differences between the Catholic Church of Christ and the Protestant sect that calls itself the “Church of Christ” (or “churches of Christ”).
You might enjoy this site if you’re interested in Comparative Religion about the Catholic Church and Fundamentalism. Keep in mind, though, this site is not about theology only.
NOTE (AND AN APOLOGY): I once used this domain as a Religion / Humor blog. I quit, and asked people to stop “following” me, but several hundred people remained. When I came back to this domain I cleaned house by deleting everything — even followers (email and WordPress). If I deleted you, and you actually did want to keep in touch through this site, then I’m sorry. Please feel free to “follow” again. However, my style won’t be so humorous; it will be more of a resource for my own use than an attempt to amuse readers.
Thank you,