The Real Church of Christ Is Apostolic

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Jesus did not build His Church so that it would last a single generation; He promised He would be with her until the end of time, with you always (Matthew 28:20), so that he who receives you [the Apostles] receives me (Matthew 10:40; cf. Luke 10:16; John 13:20). Legitimate clergy via maintenance of the hierarchy through apostolic succession is the manner in which Jesus intended to perpetuate His Church, which you must admit to on some level, for without Catholic apostolic succession, the world would not have the Bible as you know it today. Additionally, the worldwide Church would not have doctrine, for it is not the Bible that declares doctrine but a living Church. Even the popular Protestant proof-text which is used as a catch-all argument for Protestantism’s particular premises regarding the supremacy of Scripture—All scripture is God-breathed . . . (2 Timothy 3:16 New International Version)—is included in the Bible because, and only because, of Catholic apostolic succession. Succession’s fruit is the visible body that, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, determined which writings would become Christian Scripture—Scripture that, along with the books of the Old Testament, would become useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. Continue reading

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Biblical Joseph and the Pyramids, Part 2

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Biblical Joseph and the Pyramids, Part 1

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Some Scriptural / Logical Proofs: The Catholic Church of Christ Is True, and the Protestant CofC Is False

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You insist you’re the “Church of the Bible”, the “true Christians”, “the Lord’s Church”, the Church of Acts”… If that is true, then why is your sect so different than what Scripture reveals? Continue reading

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Ecclesiology, Part 8. Response to Another Popular CofC Protest

widpicMembers of the Protestant Church of Christ,

Your ministers argue against the Catholic Church’s powers of binding and loosing by teaching that the local congregation contains some form of power (“marking”, banishing, excommunicating; any term that is used to dispel a member from fellowship). Your group’s primary scriptural support is derived from Matthew 18:15-18, which reads: Continue reading

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Ecclesiology, Part 7. Local Churches Are Planted by, and Obedient to, the Hierarchy


The Christian ecclesial hierarchy is found even within the smallest local church (parish); every properly ordained priest (elder) is able to trace his pedigree back to the Apostles, and therefore Christ. Priests are ordained by their bishops; not all priests are bishops, but all bishops are priests—just as it is reflected in the New Testament.

Every detailed ecclesial description in the New Testament reflects the already-existing Catholic paradigm, and I will show you how your group’s best arguments fail to prove autonomous local church structures because they all presuppose the Catholic hierarchy. Your arguments are few, and so your best arguments are fewer. Edward Wharton’s book, The Church of Christ, with one and one half pages, presents what I have found to be your group’s most-used (indicative) and best arguments,12 all of which I will present to you, and I will show how a reasonable reading of his arguments’ scriptural material undermines your group’s forced conclusion. Continue reading

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