Fundamentalism’s Attack on Christian Marriage

marriage-smallHere’s a slightly abridged online version of my book As Christ Loved the Church. It should be in paperback later this year. (Just one more proof to my critics that I don’t do this for profit.)

I utilize popular Protestant Church of Christ (C0fC) ministers’ own words to illustrate the absurdity of CofC attacks on Catholic beliefs regarding Marriage and sex. By doing so, I illuminate how similar Fundamentalism’s own beliefs are with the world’s. And, of course, I show how the Church of Christ is Catholic!

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Theology: The Insertion of Reason into Religion

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What’s this? Oh, nothing. Just the best Comparative Religion books about the Protestant Church of Christ (CofC) and the Catholic Church of Christ. This niche is often ignored by apologists because the CofC is so small and irrelevant; they tend to address the larger Protestant world.

As a convert from CofC-ism to Catholic Christianity, I illustrate how the CofC’s foundational premises don’t stand up to scrutiny, and how the Church Jesus’ built is Catholic.

One thing that attracted me to historical Christianity is its willingness to address its opponents’ best arguments; that is something I never encountered as a CofC-er.  If you’re a Catholic who is in dialogue with a CofC-er, these books will help you understand where they’re — so to speak — coming from. If you’re a CofC-er, I dare you to read these books. At the very least, read this website. Be strong and courageous; don’t be afraid.

•The CofC’s best arguments against authentic Christian ecclesiology

•The CofC’s best arguments against authentic Christian baptisms

•The CofC’s best arguments for its “Apostasy” and “Restoration” theories

•The CofC’s best arguments for “Bible-only” Christianity

The Catholic churches of Christ greet you!

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Insight into Christian Pro-Life Philosophy by Analyzing How Catholics and CofC-ers View Church Origins

The following is an endnote from an earlier essay titled When Did the Church Begin? The endnote illustrates one way Catholicism encourages a pro-life philosophy more than Protestantism, but the essay provides context.
It is important to reiterate that the Catholic Church considers Pentecost to be the birth of the Church in that the Holy Spirit was poured out, and that it is “the beginning of the Church’s mission” (see, Pope John Paul II; The Council’s Decree Ad Gentes, available at as of January 12, 2014), and that its birth was preceded by its conception, which was real. The Catholic Church’s view is reflected in its pro-life philosophy: The Catholic Church, like a child, existed before it was born, and its conception is recognized as real. The analogy also applies to most of Protestantism, in that, only until recently, the Protestant sects were overwhelmingly pro-choice. In other words, Catholic theology and philosophy is consistent (Church and human conception equals existence) and Protestantism is not consistent (Church conception does not equal existence; human conception currently equals existence). The Protestant Church of Christ has eluded much of Protestant pro-choice history, but has continued to be influenced by Protestantism in other pro-life / pro-death areas, such as contraception and capital punishment.
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Protestant Church of Christ’s Acquiescence to Modern Bible Versions’ Anti-Marian Evolution

This essay simultaneously answers two semi-related questions readers have sent me, and it shows how the Protestant Church of Christ’s (CofC) preference for anti-Catholic doctrine is more attractive than the purity of God’s written word. The questions are summarized as:
1) Which Bible version does the [Protestant] Church of Christ use?
2) How do Catholics view Mary in light of Mark 3:20,21 – in how Jesus’ family thought He had lost His mind?
The CofC has changed its own understanding of the word “denomination”; it implies that its own autonomous (congregational) structure is somehow immune to Protestant disunity. The CofC loudly disparages the “denominational” or “religious” world around it (and claims that the CofC is not part of it), but the CofC’s reliance on both Catholic and Protestant labor can only be ignored by the most ardent ideologue. For if there were no Catholic and Protestant labors, the CofC could never: A) Claim the Bible as Scripture, B) Use Protestant-created Bible versions as its holy writ, and then, although unknowingly, C) Acquiesce to modern Protestant theologies. Continue reading
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A Psycho-Theological Reason Why [Protestant] Church of Christ Ministers Fear Christmas

This stream of consciousness isn’t about anybody specific; it’s about the Protestant Church of Christ’s (CofC’s) overall ecclesiological insecurity. Note: Some of the language I use is in-house CofC jargon that some Catholics might find odd, and, as usual with my writings, this might take some time for CofC-ers to digest and understand.
As those in the “religious world” look forward to the celebration of Jesus’ birth, as they’re more open to accept the gospel, and as they’re more willing to live like Christ, many members of “the Lord’s church” are disturbed, are complaining and protesting Christmas. Could it be the CofC has misapplied its disparaging label of “religious world” and its own self-given descriptor as “the Lord’s church”? Continue reading
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A Reflection on the CofC’s “Apostasy Theory” and How It Relates to Marriage

One thing that drew me from the Restorationist Churches of Christ (CofC) to the Catholic Church of Christ was the absolute reasonableness and cohesion of Catholic theology. Throughout this website I’ve addressed the CofC’s best arguments for its “Apostasy Theory” and also its attack on Christian Marriage, and now I will illustrate—again—the absolute reasonableness and cohesion of Catholic theology by bringing both subjects together. I will show how fidelity to the sacraments offers clues as to which body—Catholic or Protestant/Restorationist—is the real Church of Christ.
Continue reading
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