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Protestant Church of Christ’s Acquiescence to Modern Bible Versions’ Anti-Marian Evolution

This essay simultaneously answers two semi-related questions readers have sent me, and it shows how the Protestant Church of Christ’s (CofC) preference for anti-Catholic doctrine is more attractive than the purity of God’s written word. The questions are summarized as: … Continue reading

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Creed: Part #2, Application of the Creed and Current CofC Disunity Regarding Baptism

CofC Christians, The Creed provides unity and identity. People who visit the Catholic Church of Christ do not need to read the minds of any Church leader to learn what the Church believes; the Creed is available to everyone. Members … Continue reading

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Applying Reason to the Protestant Church of Christ’s Claim as “the Original Church”

Protestant Church of Christ readers, Your foundational principle of sola Scriptura — your entire approach to religion — correlates to your group’s initial presence in history. A group (the Catholic Church of Christ) that existed before the Bible’s formation does … Continue reading

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Is Annulment Catholic Code for Divorce?

This portion of a larger essay illustrates how Fundamentalism attacks Christian Marriage by teaching that annulment is Catholic code for divorce. For comparative purposes I’ve utilized professional anti-Catholic caricature John T. Polk and popular CofC propaganda website biblequestions.org.

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Not One Single Restorationist “Church of Christ” Resembles the New Testament Church; Every Local Church Was Catholic

• The Church of Christ Is Built on Rock • The Church of Christ Is Hierarchical • Local Churches of Christ Are Planted by, and Obedient to, the Hierarchy • The Church of Christ Is Apostolic • Outline: Ecclesial / … Continue reading

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Marian Comparative Religion Observation

Ever notice how Protestant sects that argue against the Immaculate Conception (Mary conceived free from Original Sin) believe all [other?] people are immaculately conceived? Ever notice how “Bible-only” sects that believe Mary was a sinner can’t demonstrate from the “Bible only” one single … Continue reading

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A Reader’s Questions: Papacy and Certainty of Salvation

Alexander’s words are in blue, my words are in red.  • Hi Patrick, My name is Alex and I was doing some deeper research of my own on Catholicism where I ran into your website and had some questions of my … Continue reading

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