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Theology: The Insertion of Reason into Religion

What’s this? Oh, nothing. Just the best Comparative Religion books about the Protestant Church of Christ (CofC) and the Catholic Church of Christ. This niche is often ignored by apologists because the CofC is so small and irrelevant; they tend … Continue reading

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A Psycho-Theological Reason Why [Protestant] Church of Christ Ministers Fear Christmas

This stream of consciousness isn’t about anybody specific; it’s about the Protestant Church of Christ’s (CofC’s) overall ecclesiological insecurity. Note: Some of the language I use is in-house CofC jargon that some Catholics might find odd, and, as usual with … Continue reading

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Creed: Part #1, “No Creed But the Bible” Proves Catholicism More Christian

CofC Christians, Protestant Church of Christ Christians often profess pride in their lack of a creed, but they utilize a creed-like mantra as both a statement of belief and a disparaging commentary on Christians who do confess a creed. “No … Continue reading

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A CofC Christian Pokes His Head out of the Fortress: Asks, “When Did the Church Begin?”

CofC Christians, One force that pushed my conversion towards Catholicism from non-Catholic, Stone-Campbellite (Protestant; adj.) Christianity was my respect for the theology of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who is already our former pope (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI). Of course, such interest … Continue reading

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Does the Bible *Really* Say What the Bible Is? (The CofC’s Best Proofs Fall Apart)

[This post is also available in my book The Noble Bereans Were Catholic] CofC readers, When pressed on matters of Bible origins and the Protestant Church of Christ’s only purported available source of revelation (the “Bible only”), your group must … Continue reading

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Is Annulment Catholic Code for Divorce?

This portion of a larger essay illustrates how Fundamentalism attacks Christian Marriage by teaching that annulment is Catholic code for divorce. For comparative purposes I’ve utilized professional anti-Catholic caricature John T. Polk and popular CofC propaganda website biblequestions.org.

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The Early “House Churches”, of Course, Were Catholic

As a Protestant Church of Christ Christian, I assumed the early “house churches” were what the Protestant Church of Christ made them out to be: simple Bible studies in somebody’s basement. But when a person looks past the modern Protestant … Continue reading

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