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A Psycho-Theological Reason Why [Protestant] Church of Christ Ministers Fear Christmas

This stream of consciousness isn’t about anybody specific; it’s about the Protestant Church of Christ’s (CofC’s) overall ecclesiological insecurity. Note: Some of the language I use is in-house CofC jargon that some Catholics might find odd, and, as usual with … Continue reading

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Creed: Part #1, “No Creed But the Bible” Proves Catholicism More Christian

CofC Christians, Protestant Church of Christ Christians often profess pride in their lack of a creed, but they utilize a creed-like mantra as both a statement of belief and a disparaging commentary on Christians who do confess a creed. “No … Continue reading

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A CofC Christian Pokes His Head out of the Fortress: Asks, “When Did the Church Begin?”

CofC Christians, One force that pushed my conversion towards Catholicism from non-Catholic, Stone-Campbellite (Protestant; adj.) Christianity was my respect for the theology of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who is already our former pope (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI). Of course, such interest … Continue reading

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Does the Bible *Really* Say What the Bible Is? (The CofC’s Best Proofs Fall Apart)

[This post is also available in my book The Noble Bereans Were Catholic] CofC readers, When pressed on matters of Bible origins and the Protestant Church of Christ’s only purported available source of revelation (the “Bible only”), your group must … Continue reading

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Is Annulment Catholic Code for Divorce?

This portion of a larger essay illustrates how Fundamentalism attacks Christian Marriage by teaching that annulment is Catholic code for divorce. For comparative purposes I’ve utilized professional anti-Catholic caricature John T. Polk and popular CofC propaganda website biblequestions.org.

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The Early “House Churches”, of Course, Were Catholic

As a Protestant Church of Christ Christian, I assumed the early “house churches” were what the Protestant Church of Christ made them out to be: simple Bible studies in somebody’s basement. But when a person looks past the modern Protestant … Continue reading

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CofC Minister Johnny Robertson: “[Patrick Vandapool] cannot do us no harm”

(This isn’t news, but it does reveal the CofC ethos.) Founder of the CofC WDTBS television show publicly writes: Pax [Patrick Vandapool] cannot do us no harm and that why he wont fly to Martinsville not unless we foot he … Continue reading

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