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Evangelicals, This Is One Way You’re Confused about Baptism (and So Many Other Things)

This post is different; it’s a rant. I’ve recently been social-media-attacked (I’m not complaining, I sorta’ enjoy it.) about Catholic theology by people who literally brag about not having any education. Hit and runs, snipes, jabs, all disguised in pompous … Continue reading

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One Reason Protestant Church of Christ-ers Don’t Love Mary

Protestant Church of Christ-ers, I explained in my last essay about Marriage and sex how Luther infects Protestant Church of Christ theology in regards to its confusion about Marriage, but even though Luther undeniably had a love for Mary, his … Continue reading

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Marriage and Sex, Part 2. “Purposes”

Like Restorationism, Fundamentalism is a relatively modern Protestant movement, and it was developed within a larger Americanized construct of what Marriage ought to be. That is, Marriage and its more-Americanized (thus, more-secularized) purposes were woven into American Fundamentalism’s newly-formed fabric. … Continue reading

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Marriage and Sex, Part 1. Introduction

Non-Catholic Christians, Most of this website has been specifically addressed to members of the Protestant Church of Christ. This series about Marriage (capitalized as a sacrament), however, is understood by other types of Protestants the same way. And for me … Continue reading

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Next Series: The Real Church of Christ Understands Marriage and Sex

The Real Church’s sex scandals are horrible. Honest Catholics admit it. People suck, but Judas Iscariot never discredited the Church. Unfortunately, opportunistic Fundamentalist sects jump on the historical Church to, in some bizarre effort, somehow discredit her theology (brilliant). Some … Continue reading

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The Real Church of Christ Is Apostolic

Restorationist Christians, Jesus did not build His Church so that it would last a single generation; He promised He would be with her until the end of time, with you always (Matthew 28:20), so that he who receives you [the … Continue reading

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Some Scriptural / Logical Proofs: The Catholic Church of Christ Is True, and the Protestant CofC Is False

CofC Christians, You insist you’re the “Church of the Bible”, the “true Christians”, “the Lord’s Church”, the Church of Acts”… If that is true, then why is your sect so different than what Scripture reveals?

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