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Sola Scriptura vs. Scriptura, Part 2. Rule of Faith

Members of the Protestant Church of Christ, Catholics admit that Jesus established an authoritative Church, that the Church wrote and compiled the New Testament writings, that she added them to the Old Testament, and then called the entire library of … Continue reading

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Sola Scriptura vs. Scriptura, Part 1. The Church Pre-Dates the Bible

Ministers and laypeople of the Protestant Church of Christ, Can you not acknowledge that any “Bible-only” community cannot be the true Church of Christ? Can you not understand that the ontological priority of a sacred library of books must be … Continue reading

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Nine-Part Series: Sola Scriptura vs. Scriptura

Starting tomorrow I’ll post an nine-part series about the Protestant (and Church of Christ, of course) foundational belief in sola Scriptura: the belief that Scripture alone provides all that is necessary for faith and salvation; that Scripture alone is the … Continue reading

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Years ago I created and hosted — I believe — the best Comparative Religion material anywhere about the differences between Catholicism and Restorationist Christianity. I deleted that material because, well, life happened. What you can now expect: 1) Great Comparative … Continue reading

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Definition of Terms

Protestant Church of Christ readers, The most common objection I receive from your members is their insistence that your communities are not “Protestant”. We all want to be called what we want to be called, but precise language is very important in … Continue reading

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