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A Reflection on the CofC’s “Apostasy Theory” and How It Relates to Marriage

One thing that drew me from the Restorationist Churches of Christ (CofC) to the Catholic Church of Christ was the absolute reasonableness and cohesion of Catholic theology. Throughout this website I’ve addressed the CofC’s best arguments for its “Apostasy Theory” … Continue reading

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Are Protestant Church of Christ Elders Valid?

The CofC offen brings up one verse (or two) that is meant to prove how the Catholic Church’s priests are illegitimate. The third Chapter of First Timothy says elders must be “the husband of one wife.” I explained the meaning … Continue reading

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How the CofC Could Better Defend Baptismal Regeneration

I recently mentioned how some traditional members of the Protestant Church of Christ (CofC) are rightly struggling to maintain sect-wide orthodoxy regarding baptismal regeneration. However, it seems to me that the CofC’s inability to understand pouring as a proper mode … Continue reading

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The Protestant “War on Hanukkah” Proves Catholicism More Plausible

Church of Christ readers, This post’s title is a nod to America’s “culture wars” (which seem to become more of an outrageous outrage this time of year), not to any sort of malice. Protestantism’s inattention to the Bible’s input about … Continue reading

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Creed: Part #2, Application of the Creed and Current CofC Disunity Regarding Baptism

CofC Christians, The Creed provides unity and identity. People who visit the Catholic Church of Christ do not need to read the minds of any Church leader to learn what the Church believes; the Creed is available to everyone. Members … Continue reading

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Creed: Part #1, “No Creed But the Bible” Proves Catholicism More Christian

CofC Christians, Protestant Church of Christ Christians often profess pride in their lack of a creed, but they utilize a creed-like mantra as both a statement of belief and a disparaging commentary on Christians who do confess a creed. “No … Continue reading

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Applying Reason to the Protestant Church of Christ’s Claim as “the Original Church”

Protestant Church of Christ readers, Your foundational principle of sola Scriptura — your entire approach to religion — correlates to your group’s initial presence in history. A group (the Catholic Church of Christ) that existed before the Bible’s formation does … Continue reading

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