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What CofC Men-O-God Say:

• “Your website is a troll.” “You son of Satan.” -Scott J. Shifferd, Dean Road Church of Christ • “Pax [(he thinks “pax” means “Pat” and not “peace”)] cannot do us no harm and that why he wont fly to … Continue reading

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The Real Church of Christ Is Apostolic

Restorationist Christians, Jesus did not build His Church so that it would last a single generation; He promised He would be with her until the end of time, with you always (Matthew 28:20), so that he who receives you [the … Continue reading

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Baptism, Part 7. Responses to Anticipated CofC Objections to Baptism for Infants

CofC people, There are obstacles members of the Protestant Church of Christ must hurdle for what I have shown you to take root—obstacles that are not anchored to the ancient Church, but rather, are merely theories that are relatively modern—some … Continue reading

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Baptism, Part 2. False Premise #2: Baptizo Always Means Immerse

False Premise #2: The secular and Christian use of the Greek word from which the English word “baptism” is derived always refers to immersion (complete submersion) in a fluid.     Restorationist Christians, The Protestant Church of Christ’s second false premise is … Continue reading

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Spiritual Fatherhood, Part 2. Calling Priests “Father”

CofC-ers, The Protestant Church of Christ objects to the Catholic Church’s practice of calling her priests “fathers”. Your group bases its objection not on the full corpus of Scripture, but on a single, isolated verse: And call no man your … Continue reading

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Apostasy and Restoration, Part 5. Perceived Secondary Scriptural Support for the Protestant Church of Christ’s Theory

CofC Christians, The Scriptures do teach that many people will fall away, but they never indicate that there would be a Great or near-Great Apostasy. Many of your preferred proof-texts in fact teach that “many (not all, not most) will … Continue reading

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Apostasy and Restoration, Part 2. A Comparative Religious Reflection on the Word “Apostasy”

CofC people, Consider a sacramental reflection on the word “apostasy”, and how it relates to the full understanding of what “falling away” might mean—how it might reveal which Church, Catholic or “Protestant / Restored”, is more legitimate. The “falling away” … Continue reading

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