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Baptism, Part 5. More Invalid (and dishonest) CofC Arguments for Immersion-Only Baptisms

Restorationists, I think it is important to address a few of the Protestant Church of Christ’s arguments that provide constructive reinforcement for people who have erroneously accepted any of the preceding four false premises as valid. My intent is not … Continue reading

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Appendix for Previous Post: Every use of “baptism”, “baptisms”, “baptize”, “baptized”, and “baptizing” in the English New Testament (NIV); with possible contextual modal indications.

New International Version chosen because it is an accepted and popular version within the Protestant Church of Christ. Matthew 3:6 Baptized in the river; “In” does not specify depth, but rather, they entered the river. No modal indication 3:7 Many … Continue reading

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Baptism, Part 3. False Premise (assertion) #3: Every Baptism in the Bible Is by Full Immersion.

Restorationists, The New Testament does not describe a single example of a proper mode for Baptism. Read that sentence again. It is important, because you assume that it does. The New Testament, however, does in fact refer to instructions about … Continue reading

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