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Protestant Church of Christ’s Acquiescence to Modern Bible Versions’ Anti-Marian Evolution

This essay simultaneously answers two semi-related questions readers have sent me, and it shows how the Protestant Church of Christ’s (CofC) preference for anti-Catholic doctrine is more attractive than the purity of God’s written word. The questions are summarized as: … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Special: A Few Short “Pat Answers” to Common Protestant Questions about Mary

American Protestants are normally confused about Mary. Attention to Mary is more of a Catholic Christian endeavor, and therefore, non-Catholic Christians simply stay away from what their newer traditions believe are “traditions of men”. I was a youth ministry intern … Continue reading

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Marian Comparative Religion Observation

Ever notice how Protestant sects that argue against the Immaculate Conception (Mary conceived free from Original Sin) believe all [other?] people are immaculately conceived? Ever notice how “Bible-only” sects that believe Mary was a sinner can’t demonstrate from the “Bible only” one single … Continue reading

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