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Ecclesiology, Part 6. What Are the Keys?

Stone-Campbellite Traditionalists, As proved in previous posts, Christ Jesus is our Messianic King, and He is at the top of the Church’s hierarchy. The King chose St. Peter to be the Royal Steward. The other Apostles, including St. Paul, were … Continue reading

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Ecclesiology, Part 3. Responses to CofC Protests

CofC’ers, Your members ordinarily first object to the Catholic Church of Christ’s self-understanding of what Jesus’ spoken words mean by arguing from the written words of a different language as written by that same Catholic Church—by divorcing the text from … Continue reading

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Ecclesiology, Part 2. The Church of Christ Is Built on Rock

Members of the Protestant Church of Christ, was Jesus attempting to confuse people when He used a word rich with paternal authority when He named Simon Bar-Jona “Rock”? For Abraham too was called a “rock”: Hearken to me, you who … Continue reading

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Ecclesial / Papal Authority in the Bible

The following outline shows that Christ Jesus intended to create a holy, visible Church; complete with a prime minister, a hierarchy, binding authority, and perpetuity—the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. • The Davidic kingdom foreshadowed the Christian Church, complete … Continue reading

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