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Churches of Christ, Patrick Vandapool

When God Spoke Greek, Timothy Michael Law

The Bible Made Impossible, Christian Smith

Why Catholic Bibles are Bigger, Gary Michuta

The Case for the Deuterocanon, Gary Michuta

The Essential Pope Benedict XVI, John F. Thornton and Susan B. Varenne

Called to Communion, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

God Is Near Us, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Jesus of Nazareth, Pope Benedict XVI

In the Beginning, Pope Benedict XVI

Apostolic Succession in an Ecumenical Context, Thomas M. Kocik

Handbook of Catholic Apologetics, Peter J. Kreeft

The Catholic Controversy, Francis de Sales

God and Philosophy, Etienne Gilson

The Unity of philosophical Experience, Etienne Gilson

City of God, St. Augustine

What Jesus Really Said about the End of the World, David B. Currie

Lectures on the Doctrines and Practices of the Roman Catholic Church, Nicholas Patrick Wiseman

Classic Baptism, John W. Dale

The Meaning of Baptizein, Thomas Jefferson Conant

The Faith of the Early Fathers, William A. Jurgens

Theology of the Body Explained, Christopher West